Team standing on pile of logs

We offer comprehensive reforestation services in a wide variety of settings and for many different industries. Our trained and reliable team will satisfy the needs of your reforestation project in a way that's safe and efficient, and we are equipped to use the methods that are most suitable for the application.

Little Smokey is an innovative company and has developed many unique systems to improve efficiency. Our double hook system for helicopter sling deliveries makes these types of projects more efficient and effective, saving our clients substantial amounts of money. We also use Plant Wizard databases for the management of complex reforestation projects.

Commercial Reforestation

Tree Planters Working in the Field

At Little Smokey Forestry Services, we provide commercial reforestation solutions for forestry companies and other operations requiring large scale tree planting. Our knowledgeable crew is equipped with the tools and know-how necessary to fulfill the requirements of any planting project, according to regulations and schedules, and with a focus on quality.

Oil & Gas Reclamation

Team standing on pile of logs

Little Smokey Forestry Services works with oil and gas companies to restore used lands to their original landscapes. We bring years of planting experience in a variety of different environments to ensure each reclamation project is completed successfully and in accordance to industry regulations. Our crews offer a diversified skill set according to the unique applications in oil and gas projects, managing deciduous and shrub planting, fertilization, and unique micro sites. Our focus is to provide timely planting services in the safest manner possible.

Ecological & Habitat Reforestation

Ecological Reclamation Services

We regularly work with industrial and commercial clients to restore natural landscapes and habitats. We will apply our knowledge of indigenous plants and Canada's ecosystems to help design and implement a successful reforestation project.

Helicopter Fuel Management

Helicopter Fuel Management

Whether combined with a reforestation project or offered as a standalone service, we are equipped to provide a unique fuel delivery system that's focused on safety, secondary containment and operational ease.