Little Smokey uses a variety of equipment to meet the unique needs of each contract and client. Some of the equipment in our fleet includes:

Hagglund Amphibious Vehicle
A Fleet of Honda Foreman 500's
A fleet of Polaris Rangers, equipped with multiple configurations
Bedford 3 Ton Truck
a converted military vehicle
tracked and amphibious military vehicle
Treeplanter riding ATV

With specialized equipment like the Hagglund, virtually no terrain or project is too challenging for our crew. Our experience and skill in using this and other equipment to maximize our efficiency and versatility is one of the many things that sets us apart. Contact us to discover the custom solution we can provide for your next project.

Our equipment, including pickup trucks, is outfitted with appropriate emergency response gear. Beyond these minimum safety standards, however, we are flexible and can equip our fleet according to contract specificities, such as buggy whip, amber lamp, fire suppression, etc.