About Us

Since 1996, Little Smokey Forestry Services has been setting a new standard of service and safety for the reforestation industry. Our company was built on a strong foundation. We've applied years of industry experience to create a service offering and training program that sets our team apart as efficient, dependable and versatile.

Little Smokey Forestry Services is at the cutting edge of reforestation, and uses various technologies to improve safety and effectiveness.


Committed to the safety of our people, clients and the environment


The knowledge and experience necessary to satisfy a wide range of needs


Count on us to fulfill the requirements of your reforestation project


We complete contracts on time, according to your schedule

Planting with Little Smokey is a rewarding experience. We're committed to providing safe, healthy and fun living and working environments, and we offer quality contracts with long planting seasons. We're a first choice among planters.